Beach - St. Zotique

The St.-Zotique beach is located about 45 mins from Montreal. It is not just a beach but has lots of activities for young and old. You can rent kayaks, canoes or pedalos. There are also parks for young and old kids, a skateboard, paintball, soccer fields, tennis courts... There is plenty of space to picnic and you can even rent BBQ's. It's also open during the winter where the lake is on ice and many winter activities are offered. It's certainly a full day at St. Zotique beach!

  • 1250 principaleSt-Zotique, Qc. JOP 1ZO
  • The beach is located off Hwy 20 west at exits 6 or 9


  • adults 13 and older: $9.00
  • seniors :$7.00
  • children under 41'' (height): free
  • children 42"-50":$3.00
  • children 51"-60": $5.00


  • Everyday from 9am-8pm

Website: St.-Zotique Beach

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